Portfolio Partners

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Based in Dallas, Momentum Technologies, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Lab, has developed a patented modular, scalable technology for refining and recycling lithium-ion battery metals and rare earth metals contained in permanent magnets. The Company’s Membrane Solvent Extraction technology has the ability to extract high-purity metals from battery waste, magnet waste, and other materials at significantly lower operating and capital costs than existing recycling technologies.

Based in Houston, Elemental Advanced Materials has developed a low-cost, patented, single-step process to upcycle organic waste products such as plastics and tires into high-purity spherical graphite and hydrogen. The process is free from Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions and produces little to no waste.

Launched in 2017, WASTELINQ provides one of the most comprehensive enterprise resource planning (“ERP)” software suites to a wide variety of customers in the highly regulated commercial and industrial (“C&I”) waste space. WASTELINQ utilizes innovative, proprietary technology to support its generator, broker and disposal facility customers by digitizing, standardizing and streamlining the profiling, transportation, disposal and treatment of C&I waste. By using technology to aggregate and optimize its customers’ waste volumes, WASTELINQ is able to mitigate costly inefficiencies, reduce the number of trucks required for transportation and ensure waste is routed efficiently to the highest value facilities.